FECHA: 2018-2021



3edata is an associated beneficiary of the LIFE EcoTimberCell: Ecological Cellular Structural Systems for a Building Model for Climate Change Mitigation and Forestry Sector Enhancement (LIFE 17 CCM/ES/74), in which it executes, among other tasks, technical-administrative coordination tasks.

The LIFE EcoTimberCell project belongs to the European LIFE Programme within the Climate Action Sub-Programme, focused on Change Mitigation. The participants in this project are, as the coordinating beneficiary of the project: the Platform for Structural Engineering of Wood (PEMADE) of the University of Santiago de Compostela; and as associated beneficiaries: 3edata, the Institute of Construction Technology of Catalonia (ITEC), Betanzos HB, and the Wood Technology and Forestry Centre (CETEMAS)..

The project\\\\\\\'s budget is 2,003,142 euros and will be carried out from 2018 to 2021.

The project\\\\\\\'s main objective is to reduce energy consumption in construction through the development of constructive products made of local wood from sustainable forest management. Systems that will be recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Among the final results of LIFE EcoTimbeCell are the development of EcoTimberCell (ETC) construction systems, ETC housing modules to design passive single-family homes with almost zero consumption and the creation of a USC Spin-off, which will have among its tasks the marketing, export and evolution of the aforementioned ETC systems.

The aim is to promote the consumption of wood from sustainable forest management as well as to promote a change in the conventional construction model with a high CO2 footprint.

This is the first project in which 3edata participates as a partner, after having promoted the concession of 4 LIFE projects in previous periods.