We are a technology-based company that offers engineering solutions based on the collection and analysis of environmental data. We also provide project management services, which means that we establish, plan and manage the different phases of environmental projects, in such a way as to optimise the resources allocated, minimising environmental costs and supporting the decision-making process of our clients, both public and private.


3edata emerges from the research group -1934 Land and Biodiversity- of the Campus Terra of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Our objective is to assist public and private entities in accessing research projects, especially those based on the use of remotely piloted aerial platforms (RPAS), equipped with multispectral and LiDAR sensors.


Nature FIRST: Intro and Demo of Solutions for Biodiversity Monitoring

Sign up here! Join an online session where we will showcase the achievements, solutions, and technologies of Nature FIRST, a project

The first training sessions on Sensing Clues tools have been completed

Within the framework of the Horizon Europe NATURE FIRST project (Forensic Intelligence and Remote Sensing Technologies for nature conservation), training

3edata will participate in the ‘LIFE Wood for Future’ project for the recovery of Granada-Vega poplar groves to boost biodiversity and long-term carbon capture through structural bioproducts

The partnership composed by University of Granada, the Platform for Structural Timber Engineering (PEMADE) of the Campus Terra of the University