3edata offers land cover data capture and processing services in order to generate cartographic products such as land use maps, forest maps, definition of high nature value agricultural areas, cultivation maps and habitat maps.


The company specialises in the mapping of  sites included in the Natura 2000 network, the largest network of protected areas in the world and the main instrument for biodiversity conservation in the European Union. The cartographic product offered includes the occupation map of each habitat class according to the classification of the European Nature Information System (EUNIS), as well as the relational database with its correspondence to the habitats of the Habitats Directive (DC92/43/EEC) and other classification systems (standard list of habitats at national or regional level).


Own methodology developed by 3edata for the integration of previous reference cartography (hydrographic, infrastructures, constructions, artificial water bodies, etc.).


Automated process for classifying multispectral images.


Product resulting from the segmentation of a given area into simple classes according to the habitat categories of the EUNIS system. For each area, other habitats present that cannot be represented at a final scale of 1:10,000 (reference scale for natural space management) are indicated.


Different data sources are integrated, combining high and very high resolution satellite images or multispectral images captured with RPAS.