2017 marked the consolidation of one of our favourite lines of research, precision agriculture. This positions us as a provider of strategic services for the agricultural sector, enabling us to transfer the R&D knowledge acquired by the 3edata team in the framework of projects for this sector.

The catalogue of services created materialises the latest advances in research and development in the procedures of data acquisition, analysis and presentation of results for a management system that implements the precision agriculture model as an added value within agricultural activities.

Within the farmer support system proposed by 3edata, the following services are envisaged:

  • Data acquisition. We provide a wide source of data through the use of high resolution remote sensors on board unmanned aerial systems (RPAS), and in combination with static field sensors and topographic instruments.
  • Digitisation of assets and infrastructures. Development of a geo-referenced relational database and cartographic representation of all available assets within a farm. Monitoring and traceability at unit crop level and of all the actions carried out on them.
  • Geostatistical analysis. Application of identification algorithms, individualisation of the crop and calculation of geometric parameters on the acquired data that allow the localisation and analysis of the development of the agricultural surface, favouring the concentration of efforts and inputs in favour of a productive improvement.
  • Spectral response analysis. Each of the plant covers is thoroughly analysed to determine its phenological state, nutrient levels, study of pathogens and control of the desired productivity levels. These are essential factors for the determination of early warnings and the application of corrective measures to guarantee a good harvest.
  • Management software. Thanks to our technological partners, we offer the integration of cartographic information and analytical results within a single multi-platform management software (PC, tablet, mobile). Providing the farmer with a system that is available 24 hours a day and independent of the location of the managers.

The set of services offered is available as a whole or in a modular way.