FECHA: 2011-2015


The founders of the company 3edata have collaborated in the preparation of proposals and implementation of several projects financed by European funds. Among the projects developed, it is worth mentioning that they have been part of the technical management team of the LIFE TREMEDAL project (*LIFE NAT/ES/707*). The general objective of this project was to improve the conservation status and resilience of peat bog and hygrophilic habitat types in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. This has been achieved through their restoration and implementation of management measures. Among the tasks developed in the project and assumed by 3edata staff, it is worth mentioning:
• Execution of hydrological and topographical corrective restoration actions.
• Development of measures to ensure the conservation of habitats and species over time.
• To update and homogenize the information for the Atlantic Biogeographic Region of the Iberian Peninsula on the presence, distribution, typification and characterization of peat bog habitats.
• Improving knowledge on how to manage habitats.
• To inform and raise awareness in society about environmental values and services.
The LIFE programme is the European Union\'s financial instrument that aims to provide the necessary support for developing and implementing Community environmental policy and legislation. 3edata staff were actively involved in the preparation of the proposal, in the implementation and monitoring of direct conservation actions and in monitoring the impact of the project.