FECHA: 2019-2020





Project developed within the framework of the Civil UAVs Initiative.

Civil UAVs Initiative is a strategic initiative of the Xunta de Galicia, aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in a wide range of services and activities carried out by the Galician public sector, through the use of remotely piloted aircraft and vehicles.

Through the Civil UAVs Initiative, Xunta de Galicia has launched an Innovative Public Procurement Process to address a number of technological challenges for monitoring land use dynamics and assisting spatial planning. One of these technological challenges is focused on the mapping of Habitats of Community Interest and the assessment of their conservation status.

3edata, together with COTESA, Altia and Aeromedia companies, designed and developed a final solution consisting of the creation of the platform called TERRA 3. This platform allows the semi-automation mapping of Galicia\\\'s land use, as well as its Habitats of Community Interest. It also includes a set of tools to support spatial planning based on the data captured by airborne sensors in UAV, satellites and in other unmanned vehicles: aerial, nautical and terrestrial.

TERRA 3 integrates different data sources, processing them to obtain the elements that make up the databases of the habitats of community interest present in Galicia. In short, it has the capacity to provide technicians who produce this type of cartography with a set of applications that facilitate data capture, updating and analysis of existing information, by means of solutions such as:

• Quick access to primary data sources during the photo-interpretation process.
• Integration of data from large databases (geographic and alphanumeric).
• Production and editing of data in EUNIS format.
• Statistics and trend analysis of change in the occupation of habitats of Community interest.
• Transformation of data in accordance with the specifications of INSPIRE (Land Cover and Land Use).

The responsibilities of 3edata within the TERRA 3 project covered all the processes necessary for the automation of multispectral image processing required for the mapping and assessment of the conservation status of the most extensive habitats of community interest in Galicia.

Based on our own developments and free software, the TERRA 3 platform is able to access multispectral image repositories, select the appropriate ones for habitat mapping, segment them, classify the segments according to EUNIS categories, refine and generalise the results and establish their relationship with the list of habitats of Community interest and other habitat classifications such as the standard list of Spanish terrestrial habitats.