FECHA: 2017-20022



3edata carries out the technical-administrative coordination of the LIFE in Common Land Project - Managing Land Together, a sustainable model for conservation and rural development in Special Areas of Conservation (LIFE 16 NAT/ES/707).

This LIFE project is an European Nature Conservation Project within the Natura 2000 Network, in which Lugo Provincial Government participates as coordinator, and the University of Santiago de Compostela and the University of A Coruña as associated beneficiaries.

The project has a budget of 2,001469 euros and will be developed between 2017 and 2022.

The project was created to address various problems affecting the habitats in the Serra Xistral Special Conservation Area, of which we would like to highlight: the progressive abandonment of traditional activity (which produces alterations in the composition and configuration of the landscape), ambiguity and lack of definition in the environmental management guidelines, the poor state of habitats linked to human activity, climate change and the disadvantageous location of the mountain areas which leads to a gradual loss of population.

The general objective of LIFE in Common Land is to improve the conservation status of the habitats 7110* Active raised bogs, 7130* Active blanket bogs and 4020* Temperate Atlantic wet heaths in the Serra do Xistral SAC (ES1120015) while reducing the social conflict generated around their use for livestock, through the implementation of Complete Management Schemes Based on Conservation Results, following successful examples applied in other areas of the Atlantic Region; with the particularity of being implemented on land with a common land tenure regime.

The aim is to promote the consumption of wood from sustainable forest management as well as to promote a change in the conventional construction model with a high CO2 footprint.

This is the first project in which 3edata participates as a partner, after having promoted the concession of 4 LIFE projects in previous periods.