3EDATA finalises the project “Mapping LiDAR-based forest inventory models at Extremadura Region using the fourth Spanish National Forest Inventory (SNFI)”

The work was carried out for the Extremadura Forest Service.  The main objective of the project was mapping wall-to-wall estimates of forest inventory variables in Extremadura region (Spain) by combining SNFI plot data and remotely sensed ALS data as auxiliary variable at fine spatial resolution (25×25 m).

The estimated forest inventory variables were: growing stock volume (V, m3 ha-1), basal area (G, m2 ha-1), annual increase in total volume (IAVC, m3 ha-1 year-1) and aboveground biomass (Wa, tn ha-1), percentile of height and Canopy Cover.

For this purpose, LiDAR-based inventory models were fitted using new well-georeferenced plots from SNFI and the second countrywide LiDAR coverage available in Extremadura Region.

All the information developed is available in the web viewer: http://visor.ideex.es/#/visor/map%3D425,  in the en el Extremadura Territorial Information System Download Centre  (http://sitex.gobex.es/SITEX/centrodescargas/viewsubcategoria/56, and through a WMS service (http://ideex.es/CICTEX/variablesDasometricas)

The results obtained in this work confirm that especially for pure single-species forest stands, the combination of the new well-georeferenced SNFI plots and remote sensing techniques using LiDAR technology is a very efficient and low-cost tool for forest resource estimation.